Sunday, July 26, 2015

Military Concepts That Will Help Your Company

Your workplace is certainly not a war field and hence, you may wonder how military concepts will help your company. It is not  that you are advised to wear combat boots and military fatigue to fight enemies in your office. But some of the concepts that are being followed in training army-men may be highly useful for achieving success in your business endeavors. In fact, several corporates have started adopting these warfare concepts to derive great benefits.

A company resembles a war-zone in many ways. Uncertainties are a part of a business as they are in a war-zone. As soldiers are suitably trained to deal with uncertainties, you and your employees should also be equipped with plans for dealing with such situations. This concept is known as VUCA that is the acronym for volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

If your company is VUCA-hit, you must take the required lessons from the models of training that are designed for army units that face an imminent war. 

Another military concept that can help your organization is the OODA loop. This concept can provide you with an upper hand when you face extreme competition. This concept is the brain-child of John Boyd, the famous military strategist as well as fighter-pilot of the US. According to him, "every action flows in a loop" that consists of stages like "observation, orientation, decision and action (OODA)."

This means you should observe quickly, orient yourself also quickly, make a fast decision and act immediately. Almost all challenging situations may warrant that you take such urgent steps. When you act with such a swiftness, your opponents will be put on the back-foot and in a state of shock and confusion, they are likely to commit mistakes.

But there are experts who advise that you should be choosy while using military concepts for your organization which means you should choose the most appropriate ones that suit your company and business. Wrong choices may land you in trouble because you may be committing costly mistakes.

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