Sunday, January 17, 2016

Be A Renegade, Do What You Love and Earn Money

Is it always possible for people to do what they love and earn their living? The answer to this question is this was not possible earlier. But the situation has changed dramatically, thanks to the advent of the Internet. This means it is now possible to do what you love and earn your living. Let us have a look.

You may have always loved playing basketball. But if you are above 50, have less mobility and are overweight, you can not pursue this wish and earn your living.  But a person with a similar desire used his out-of-the-box thinking to monetize his passion. He designed video games based on basketball and instead of playing the games himself and whiling away his time, he used his vast knowledge of the games by offering e-books and high-demand info-products. This helped him earn millions.

Another case-study is that of an electrician who could monetize his professional knowledge. He launched his website as well as a blog to provide people with Do-It-Yourself advice by answering electrical-related queries.

But unshackling yourself from your "conventional" chains and adopting such an approach is very difficult. Apart from facing a lot of ridicule, you run the risk of being called a renegade also. You must decide to brush aside such ridicules and turn your secret passion into a "monetizable" idea.

But you may face two barriers. The first barrier is the human mind has been conditioned not to adopt unconventional methods. Secondly, you may face the highly powerful barrier called "inertia." This powerful force may be preventing you from taking action. You may therefore be shelving turning your passion and ideas into "monetizable" concepts.

In fact, there can not be a better time than now for leveraging your passion-related knowledge to earn money. You have to just find where your passion intersects with what the market wants and work on it.

In short, this renegade approach will certainly help you pursue what you love and earn your living.

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