Saturday, February 27, 2016

Barriers that may Hinder Your Career Growth

When children are asked what they will like to become when they grow up, they may come up with various types of answers. But they may not be aware nor do they anticipate barriers that may hinder their ambitions. There are many types of barriers for career growth and these include those that are caused due to family situations, biases and so on.  

The following are the general barriers that may hinder career growth.

1. A fixed and inflexible mindset

According to experts, an inflexible and fixed mindset can be a great hindrance to career growth. This means you must have a growth mindset if you want to climb your career ladder. An inflexible or fixed mindset may make you think that you have enough talents and knowledge. On the other hand, if you have a growth mindset, you will think that there is always a scope for improvement. This means you will always keep striving to enhance your skill and knowledge levels. 

2. Financial barriers

If you have bills to pay, debts to clear, etc. and if you keep focusing on them, you may never grow in your career. Instead, you should shift your focus towards growth, whatever may be your financial situation. Focusing on earning for paying your bills, etc., may not allow you to take risks that may give a big boost to your career growth. For example, you may want to start a business, may like to change jobs or may look for a career change. These are certainly risks but when you focus on your mortgage or payment of bills, you may be afraid of taking these risks. If you are not ready to take any risks, where is the question of growing in your career and in life?

3. Importance of setting smart goals

Setting smart goals is important. This means you should set achievable goals and follow them with a lot of passion. SMART means "specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound." The goal you set should fulfill these conditions.

4. Fearing failure and success

Many people fear failure and do not take the required steps for growing in their career. Surprisingly, there are many people who fear success also. In fact, fear of failure and fear of success are very much linked. People think that others will ridicule them if they fail. A few others think that others will get jealous and desert them if they succeed. But these fears are unfounded. Not only that, those who have these fears can not lead extraordinary lives even if they have such dreams.

5. Work-Life balance

It is true that you will have responsibilities towards your family. But allowing these responsibilities to hinder your career growth is wrong. If you are passionate about your goals, you must learn to balance your work life and family life. 

6. Sticking to your childhood dream may be a barrier by itself

If you suddenly remember your childhood dream that you have already forgotten, that itself may act as a barrier. The problem is things are changing so fast that your childhood dream may not be suitable in your present circumstances. So, you should adopt a flexible approach and change your dream according to the your current situation.

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