Monday, April 23, 2018

Can You Be a Successful Entrepreneur and Lead a Happy Personal Life Also?

As an entrepreneur who aspires to take your business to higher levels, you may always be busy and therefore, there are chances of you ignoring your personal life. But the good news is that you can achieve your entrepreneurial goals and at the same time, lead a happy family life as well. You may wonder how this can be possible. Let us find out. 

You should first stop brooding over how you have all along been behaving.  In fact, there is no use thinking about your past behavior because “The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power” is an old adage that is always valid.  

Among the terms that are doing the rounds, "Work-Life balance" seems to be the most popular one nowadays because not many people are able to achieve this balance. Of course, official work is taking a lot of people's time. This may all the more be true in your case because you are an entrepreneur who aspires to succeed. You may expend a lot of your energy that includes your physical and emotional energies on your business-related tasks and on making your business plans. So, when you reach home, you may be too tired to spend time with your family members.

Remember the opinion of psychologists who firmly point out that over-working or concentrating too much on official work that is euphemistically called as workaholism is a behavioral defect that you do not develop and learn overnight. In fact, you have been developing this behavior gradually without even being aware of it. 

The main reason why you are spending more time at your workplace.

One of the main factors that has been influencing your desire to spend more time at your workplace is that you may be enjoying the adrenaline rush you experience when you confront various types of challenges during the course of your entrepreneurial journey.  But when you are enjoying the process of tackling the challenges in your business, your family members are getting restless. They may become unhappy and disappointed as well.

You may also become unhappy.

Psychologists suggest that after some time, you yourself will start getting restless and unhappy. Once you reach this stage, your output and performance will take a beating. Since you will not be able to do your tasks as efficiently as you were doing earlier, you will experience a lot of stress and anxiety. This will result in you being affected by stress-related ailments. In short, you are punishing yourself by focusing more on your business and not bestowing enough attention on your personal life. The following tips may help you. 

1. Even if you have unfinished tasks, you must never bring them home. This will make your family members more unhappy.

2. Whatever may be your busy schedule, allocate some time for spending uninterrupted time with your family members. If you and your family members discuss and decide on a social cause, you are certain to derive a lot of satisfaction out of it. You can choose a common hobby and pursue it together also so your stressed-out mind will get the much needed relaxation.

3. Schedule holidays and vacations once in every three or four months. This will re-energize you and you will be able to work more efficiently.

4. If you observe those successful entrepreneurs who enjoy a great personal life as well, you will find that they delegate most of their tasks wisely. You should learn this habit also. Apart from getting you a lot of free time, this will help in molding second-line leaders in your company. Of course, you need to hire efficient and self-driven employees for achieving this aim.

5. Experts are right when they say that a perfect work-life balance is a mirage. So, instead of aiming at this impossible goal, you should look to achieve a better equilibrium in your life.

To summarize, destroying your personal life just to achieve entrepreneurial success can be perilous. So, you should create ways that can uniquely be suitable for your life and for the type of business you run. As Philip Sidney says, “Either I will find a way, or I will make one."

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