Friday, April 24, 2015

How To Be Positively Recognized In Your Workplace If You Are Different

Getting a positive recognition in your workplace is very important if you want to move up your career ladder. This is all the more important if you are different from others in your organization. But this is easier said than done. But the following tips may help.

There is no denying the fact that every person is unique. Therefore, you must assess yourself and find out how you are different from others. For example, you may be the only woman holding a top post in the organization, you may be the only non-financial executive who may be asked to participate in a financial meeting and so on. Being different may make you feel uneasy. For example, you may be conscious of every move you may be making during the meeting. But the fact is that you can use this difference to your favor.

Experts also say that if we are different and if we stand out, we will be noticed. You must not also lose sight of the fact that you can use this as a leverage for taking control of your career. By being different, your perspective and the way you look at things may be much different from the perception of others. So, your opinions and ideas may bring big breakthroughs and this may ultimately lead to getting positive recognition in your organization.

Prove That You Have Undeniable Expertise

If you have knowledge about many things, you may be appreciated but being a generalist is fraught with a number of disadvantages. You may not be recognized as a person who has expertise in a specific field. You should therefore choose a niche and acquire as much knowledge as possible in it. If you are able to demonstrate your superior knowledge in that niche, you will certainly be recognized.

Building Your Network Is Important Also

You must not hesitate to build a network of professionals who acknowledge your expertise. This is very important especially when you are different from others. Having such a good network will help you when there are skeptics who may express doubts about your expertise. The professionals in your network will vouch for your knowledge and this may help you prove your worth.

Sharing Your Knowledge Will Also Play A Vital Role

This is a very effective way to prove that you are worth considering. If you adopt a 'mean clerk's attitude' and do not share your knowledge, no one will be able to know about your knowledge or expertise. On the other hand, if you come out with your ideas and share them publicly, others will come to know that you have the expertise and that they can depend upon you for getting the right kind of guidance. You will be able to build a broader network also if you follow this suggestion.

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