Sunday, May 3, 2015

Ways to Earn More in Your Career

It is not necessary that you should become a super-saver for building wealth in your career. But do not think that this is an advice against saving money. Regardless of whether you are beginning your career, at the crucial period of your earning years or planning for a career for the second time, you have ways to earn more.

Choose to work in a city where wealth-building is easy

There may be certain cities in your country in which you have maximum earning potential. Another factor you must consider while choosing such a city is housing in that city must be cheaper. There is no point in earning more and parting with a large portion of it towards housing.

You can request for a revision of pay anytime

Some people wait for the time when the performance review is done for requesting for a pay revision. In fact, you can request for an increase in your emoluments any time but you should have a valid case to present for making such a request. Negotiation experts suggest that when you have a discussion with your manager regarding this, you must begin with the raise you desire to have and then, explain the reasons of why you deserve the raise. You must also give a range like you need a raise between $5,000 and $7,000. This gives your manager a choice and this is better than asking for a specific amount. This approach shows that you are flexible. At the same time, the boss can not come out with what is known as a "lowball counteroffer."

Explore the possibilities of becoming a free agent

For regular employees who are on the roll of a company, the raise may not be very big. But if you opt to be a free agent, chances of boosting your income significantly are very high.

Repackaging yourself

After you have put in certain number of years of service, you may have acquired a good amount of experience and your level of expertise may have also gone up. You should therefore make changes to your resume accordingly. Likewise, when you are applying for a specific job, you must customize your resume so you can explain to the prospective employer how your experiences can suit the job. 

Automating job search

There are several simple ways using which you can help hiring managers spot you. One of the ways is to customize your profile on LinkedIn using appropriate keywords that suit the job you are looking for. There may be companies that may have job postings that match with your expectations. Know the keywords they have used on their job listings and incorporate them in your profile.

Climb the rungs of your career ladder fast

A great way to earn more income from your career is to make all possible efforts for climbing the rungs of your career ladder.

Switching ladders

If you are not able to get the promotion you expect despite all your efforts, do not hesitate to have a smooth exit from your existing company so you can join another organization that offers the position you desire to have.

Have alternate plans

Put in place alternative plans like taking up short-term projects, freelancing jobs or pursuing a business in case you think that earning big money in your career is not possible.

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