Monday, January 2, 2017

Create a fun environment at the workplace to increase productivity

In the present-day context, we allow our official life to dominate our personal space and this takes a toll on our health. Especially, work-related drudgery can wreck a havoc. So, it has become imperative that we have to find out ways to increase our efficiency and productivity so we bestow enough attention on our personal life as well. Studies have clearly revealed that if we have a fun environment at our workplace, our productivity will go several notches up.

In other words, we should willingly go to our workplace. Only if the ambiance in the office is fun, we will be eager to go to office. Otherwise, we may try to find some reason or the other to escape from the workplace ambiance.

It is unfortunate that even some of the so-called great business leaders do not accept the fact that fun environment in the office will improve the productivity of the employees. These leaders have a notion that people will naturally and automatically enjoy the workplace.  Especially, most of the HR managers wrongly believe that by creating a fun environment in the office, companies will be draining their limited financial resources.

These HR managers also think that such an environment may make the employees lax and the employees may break the basic rules that govern etiquette or may cross the thin line that separates decency and vulgarity.

But HR people will do well if they realize that if employees are suitably trained to use the fun environment of the office wisely, they will certainly enjoy their work and will be more productive. HR folks can bring out a drill that defines what fun is. They should put in place clear rules stating that employees should not make fun of other employees or the managers, they should not indulge in sarcasm and make demeaning comments about others, etc. In short, HR managers should make it clear to employees that efficiency does not lie in tiring oneself while working.

The role of humor in creating a fun environment at the workplace

Humor can do a world of good by easing the stress at the workplace. But not everyone can speak wittily but almost everyone may be able to participate and enjoy humorous situations. Such situations at the workplace can create a bond among employees. This will go a long way in helping the employees in working together to achieve the goals of the company. But again, people should be careful not to be sarcastic and not to pass demeaning comments about others.

Some of the ideas to create a fun environment at the workplace are:

1. Conducting events periodically for helping employees to showcase their talents in various spheres.
2. In the United Kingdom, companies conduct what are known as the "mobile phone throwing" contests. The person who throws his or her mobile phone to the farthest point wins the first prize.
3. "Office-chair race" is quite popular in Singapore companies.
4. Similarly, Polish companies use the "suggestion box" for generating innovative ideas from employees. The employee who comes out with the best idea is rewarded
5. Sam Walton, who founded Wal-Mart, was ready to wear a hula skirt and go dancing down the street when the challenges he set were met by his employees.

In short, if employees work in a stress-free environment, it will certainly lead to greater productivity. As Joe Neulinger who authored "The Psychology of Leisure" puts it, "Those not interested in doing anything but work are not likely to be CEOs."

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