Friday, January 27, 2017

How to Make Your Workplace Dialogues Pleasant

The purpose of workplace dialogues is not only for communicating but for gathering the required information and sharing ideas, feelings and thoughts as well. But you cannot always have smooth dialogues because you may be dealing with different types of people with different traits. Some people may differ from you and quite often, conversations may turn hostile. But remember that such conversations may cause stress which in turn may affect your health and also your productivity. Also remember that having smooth and pleasant dialogues at the workplace is possible, regardless of whatever may be the situation. Let us have a look.

Handling negotiations

Behavioral science says that it is easy to influence those who have a liking for you. You should therefore try to make people including your opponents like you. The best strategy for this is to find out the interests that are common to you and them. Never forget the old adage "birds of the same feather flock together." Common interests will create a bond between you and them. The goodwill created will improve the trustworthiness and this may help in negotiating successfully.

Another way is to discover relevant points using which you can heap praises on those with whom you are negotiating. This tactic can tilt the negotiations in your favor.

Handling conflict signs

When you conduct meetings, there are chances of conflicts and disagreements erupting. But if you allow them to become major issues, the very purpose of conducting the meetings will get defeated. So, regardless of whether the difference of opinion is with your boss, your peer or subordinate, you must make it a point to use your words carefully. Remember how a copywriter chooses his words for communicating his message. Never try to show that you know everything. Also be careful not to undermine the self-esteem of other participants. Present your points as valuable information without using the tone of arguing. When you present your data with clarity as a copywriting expert does, others may be able to view things with new perspectives that they may have overlooked. This may lead to agreements.

How to do your online marketing

Online marketing may involve a lot of interactions with clients. Never think that clients are asking silly questions. You are in the field and hence, you may be aware of the features of your products or services. On the other hand, your clients may be literate lay people and so, may not know fully well about the products or services you are offering. Therefore, chances of silly questins emanating from your clients are there. You must answer the queries clearly and with patience.

How to share a not-so-encouraging situation or trend

If you think that a particular situation or trend is not encouraging, don't rush to your boss and break the news. Instead, do an in-depth analysis and test the veracity of your discovery. Your way of communicating and the timing of sharing the information are important. You must break the news only when your boss is in a relaxed mood. Not only that, you must have some viable ideas for surmounting the situation. Your boss will not only be receptive to the news but will appreciate you for your ideas. 

Similarly, if you are at the receiving end of some bad news, you must be patient while hearing the information. Workplace dialogues become unpleasant only because people become impatient while listening to others. Due to impatience while listening, you may miss out on some vital information. This may terribly affect your decision making process. On the other hand, if you are patient and listen carefully, you may get all the necessary information that will go a long way in helping you make the right decisions.

Interactions with clients

Like employees, clients may also be of various types. Some clients may show their anger even for trivial things. So, you should develop your skills for dealing with clients. Apart from remaining composed, you must ensure to adopt inoffensive ways to deal with them. When clients raise an issue, request them to give you an opportunity to correct the situation. Tell them in a polite tone that your aim is to satisfy them fully and that you will never leave any step untried for achieving this aim. In short, the clients should be so impressed that they realize that only if they cool down, the issue can be resolved. Simply put, the focus of your approach should be to win their trust back and simultaneously, make them understand that.

To summarize, there are chances of conflicts erupting at the workplace but you must not allow yourself to be consumed by negative emotions. If you allow it, you may not be able to communicate properly and this will ultimately worsen the situation and cause you more stress. If you feel that your emotions may overpower you, resort to the age-old practice of taking a deep breath. Lungs full of oxygen may help you calm down so you can think in the right perspective.

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