Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Career Growth Overseas

It appears that Gen Y of Australia has started feeling that the country's economy is slowing down. Therefore, they are exploring the possibilities of heading overseas so they can have good career growth. This trend has been corroborated by Robert Walters, a recruitment firm also.

James Nicholson, Managing Director of Robert Walters ANZ, adds that many of the Australian employers are not willing to offer overseas opportunities to their employees. He says "Millennials, or Gen Y, have grown up in a borderless world with greater access to international travel, so their sights are set high to begin with."

But according to some experts “moving abroad tends to inspire a giddy optimism in people.” Those who move abroad may learn how to lead their life differently because they have to eat, socialize, work, study and think like the original residents of the country to which they have relocated. At the same time, they have to take into account a few other aspects also while trying to relocate to a new country. 

One of the most important aspects they have to consider is the culture shock they may encounter. Secondly, they should think about the effects on their career and on the relationships they leave behind at their home country.

Pressure from family members, relatives and friends

If you move to another country, you may have to answer the following few questions that may be posed by your family members and relatives after a couple of years.

“When will you be coming home?"
"Will you be able to come for the festival this year?"
"Isn't the right time to give up the fantasy life of living abroad?"

Of course, the tone, tenor and timbre of the questions may vary but the common thread that may be running through them will be your family members, relatives and even friends want you to come back. Though they pretty well know that you can have good career growth if you continue working overseas, they can't remain without asking these questions. Almost all those who shift to an alien land for their career growth are likely to face this pressure.

Apart from heading home occasionally, you are advised to call your family members and other loved ones as often as possible. Getting a Skype number can be the best way to be in frequent and constant touch with them. This will substantially reduce the pressure. 

Having career growth abroad may take longer for some folks

Not everyone can grow in their overseas career as fast as they imagine. In fact, it can be more difficult than how they can build their career in their home country. But for those who have the right capabilities and have identified the right opportunities, growth may be rapid and highly rewarding. Especially, if you choose a country that is having a very high growth trajectory economically, you can grow faster. But remember that there are certain other countries in which the government bureaucracy, unfamiliar culture, etc. may not allow you to grow as much as you desire though they may be growing fast economically.

Home country is the best for some people

For those who are contented with climbing their career ladder one rung after another, home country is the best. But career growth need not be linear. Overseas careers exemplify this fact. So, if you are adventurous-minded and capable of facing uncertainties, you can choose overseas careers. But ensure to add two more attributes to your arsenal. The attributes are thinking out of the box and learning things like an autodidact. These two attributes will help you build your overseas career ladder. You will be able to recognize opportunities and so, switching to new jobs will also be easy. 

Your overseas experience will help you when you get back

Employers will certainly take your overseas experience into account when you return to your home country and look for a job. You may be considered resourceful mainly because you have proved your worth by climbing the career ladder overseas. But avoid talking frequently about your away-experience lest should be alienating a number of people.

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