Sunday, September 6, 2015

Will Your Resume Help You Succeed?

If you have completed your studies and are looking to land in a suitable job or if you are trying for a change of job, the most important thing you should do is to compile a resume or update the one you already have.

You may want to enter an organization that suitably feeds your aspirations. At the same time, you should not forget the fact that companies also think that if they recruit wrong employees, that may dent their image. So, according to them, having such wrong employees with them is a sacrilege. This means that your resume should show to the recruiters that you are the right person for them.

It is true that the space available on your resume is very limited and it may not be possible for you to pour out everything in that limited space. Therefore, you should execute this task very skilfully. Some of these tips may help.

Try to keep your resume crisp

There is no point in beating around the bush. At the same time, your resume should not be bland or stale. Employers may not be impressed with monotonous resumes.. You should therefore think out of the box because your aim is to impress employers who may have very limited time for scouring through your resume. In fact, they will be getting scores, if not hundreds, of resumes and so, they won't spend much time on your resume if it is boring or stale. One of the best ideas is to provide your information in short sentences and space them evenly so employers will find the information easy to go though. This style will help them learn more about you in a very short span of time.

Your aim will certainly be to grow in the organization but the company will expect that you should help them grow also. So, your resume should focus on how you will help the organization grow. The recruiting authorities should be convinced that you are a better bet for the company's growth than the other candidates.

Be explicit about your achievements

You should explicitly prove how you can contribute to the company. For example, you may have led a team in your previous organization. Or if you are freshly stepping into the job market, you may have organized events in your school or college. You can elaborate on these points in your resume and explain how you can capably handle such assignments or situations. 

Further, the achievements, the hobbies or the work experiences you elaborate in your resume should be exclusive to you because these factors alone will bring you on the recruiters' radars.

Never lie or exaggerate things

There are candidates who may exaggerate their skills and accomplishments and incorporate untrue points in their resume. This is dangerous. You should never add skills you do not possess or achievements you have never made. You are certain to be caught very soon. Companies want trained people and you can not expect that you will be trained after you land in the job. Of course, some companies provide training but that may be for imparting the special skills that may fulfill their special needs.

Recruiters should know that you are a worthy candidate to spend time with

You may justifiably think that recruiters are harsh because they are trying to judge you just by spending a few minutes going through your resume. You may also think that first impressions need not be the right impressions. But when you make your resume creatively by using the space on it optimally and by expressing your ideas, achievements, etc. clearly and in an interesting manner, you can certainly impress recruiters who may ultimately decide to spend time for interviewing you. Nowadays, there is no paucity of ideas for making such creative resumes. You can use graphical representations, pie charts, animated illustrations, etc. You can even opt for tri-fold brochures, video resumes or those printed on fabric. These ideas infuse life into your resumes. 

Know your recruiters

You should first try to know your recruiters. Certain companies may not like quirky resumes while some companies may welcome them. So, your Curriculum Vitae should suit the company to which you are applying for.

When to stop talking about yourself

This is a tricky thing because no one can know clearly whether they have given solid information about themselves. You may also have this apprehension. Though you cannot fully overcome this apprehension, the best way is to end your resume with a summary of your details, aspirations and what you wish to accomplish.

Simply put, if you put in creative efforts for making your resume, you can show to recruiters that you stand out from the crowd.

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