Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tips To Succeed In Your Career

"How to succeed in my career?" This is a common question that may haunt the minds of almost all employed people. Though this appears to be a tough question to answer, everyone should find out ways to succeed in their career because there is competition everywhere. If you are also obsessed with this question, you can use the following tips for beating the competition in your workplace and getting ahead.

1. Set your goals

You must first set your career goals. Unless you are clear about them, you can not achieve success in your career. You should have short-term as well as long-term goals so it will be easy for you to cross your milestones one by one. By setting goals, you can monitor your progress easily also.

2. Have priorities

Secondly, you should learn to set priorities and the task of setting priorities should be done on a daily basis. In fact, planning your day involves making a list of urgent and important tasks you should complete.

3. Never lose your focus

You may carry out a number of tasks during the course of your work but at no point of time, you should lose sight of your goals. Even if you go on a holiday, the aim should be to rejuvenate yourself for working with added vigor so you can achieve your goals on time. There may be a number of distractions but you should never give in. 

4. Keep widening your skills

The job market is never static and your organization may not be an exception. You should therefore keep acquiring new skills. Sometimes, you may have to acquire skills that you think are not related to your current position. But companies expect that people should have complementary skills. For example, a marketing executive should know the basics of accounting, an accountant should know administration and marketing and so on. In short, you should be a continuous learner.

5. Never hesitate to socialize

Though man is a social animal, not everyone may be willing to socialize. But you should learn to socialize if you want to advance in your career. By making friends with new acquaintances and attending social functions, you can gradually develop your social skills. You should be genuinely enthusiastic when you meet new people. If you improve your listening skills, you can certainly become popular among people. Being a good listener will help you learn new things on a continuous basis.

6. Use the SWOT tool wisely

You should do an honest assessment of yourself to know your strengths and weaknesses. If you feel that you deserve a pay rise or promotion thanks to your merits, you should not hesitate to claim it.

7. Face challenges squarely

There are many people who are afraid of challenges. They can never advance in their careers. But if you want to develop into a complete person, you should accept challenges. This attitude will help you explore areas you have never ventured earlier.  On the contrary, if you cozily remain in your comfort zone, you can never grow or learn new things. This attitude will impede your progress. 

8. Communicate effectively

Effective communication is the key to success in any career. Effective communication involves not only passing on your ideas and thoughts but listening also. When you imbibe ideas and communicate effectively, you can persuade people and will also be able to gather all the information you may require for carrying out your tasks.

9. Never indulge in gossips

This rule is applicable not only for career advancements but for leading a successful life as well. You should show respect to everyone and be good to the company as well as other employees.

10. Get sufficient rest

This is for rejuvenating yourself so you can execute your tasks more efficiently. You need not be a workaholic for succeeding in your career. Instead, you must learn to relax and manage your work-related stress effectively so that your productivity keeps improving constantly.

11. Be responsible

You should have a responsible attitude. If you own responsibility for whatever you do, others will respect you. On the other hand, if you disown your responsibilities, you will very soon earn the wrath of your co-workers as well as managers.

12, Work to boost your confidence levels

You can be confident only if you acquire the required knowledge and skills in the job you do. If you work with confidence, you can move ahead very quickly. But there is only a thin line that divides confidence and arrogance. You should understand this and refrain from being arrogant. While confidence can help you advance in your career, arrogance will demolish all your dreams.

13. Try building strong relationships

You should make efforts to have strong relationships with everyone in your company. Developing strong relationships does not mean developing friendships. It means building trust. Likability, respect and trust are very important factors that will make your journey towards your goals smooth.

If you bear in mind these tips and work sincerely, you will certainly succeed in your career.

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